Meet our guides

Meet the people who show you the real essence of our destinations

Meet our guides.
At Fine Asian Escapes, we're all about giving credit where it's due, especially when it comes to the people who show you the real essence of our destinations and always go above and beyond to make your trip memorable.


Who: Lan Vo
Years guiding: 9
Destination(s): Hue

You won’t find any one who is more passionate about Hue than Lan. Born and raised in Hue, Lan humbly regards herself as Hue’s unofficial ambassador and we are deeply impressed of her local knowledge of Hue’s cuisine, archaeology, history & culture.

Lan finds joy and inspiration in showing travellers her favourite scenic spots in the city. She loves sitting down and having a conversation with travellers while sharing some simple yet delectable Hue delicacies. Hue’s cultures and traditions shine through Lan’s stories.  In addition to her role as a tour guide, Lan is also an accomplished photographer and writer, with her work having been featured in numerous publications. She also collaborated with Professor Thai Kim Lan on the Huong River Pottery Museum project, which recovered over 5,000 ancient ceramic artifacts from the river.

Who: Huy Vu
Years guiding: 8

Destination(s): Sapa

Huy, the youngest of seven siblings, has turned his love for nature and adventure into a thriving profession as a tour guide. For over eight years, he has led tourists on a multitude of expeditions through the scenic and challenging trails of the Hoang Lien Son range, including scaling Mt. Fansipan, which stands at an elevation of 3,143 meters above sea level.

With his vast experience in the tourism industry, Huy now seeks to promote eco-tourism in the regions of Sapa, northeast, and northwest Vietnam. His objective is to provide visitors with a deeper appreciation of the local culture and culinary traditions, while also highlighting the natural splendor of the area.

Who: Hieu Nguyen
Years guiding: 11
Destination(s): Hanoi, Mai Chau, Ninh Binh

Hieu started his career as a receptionist at a local hotel in the Old Quarter but soon discovered his true calling as a tour guide.

Driven by his deep passion for sharing his love of Hanoi and northern Vietnam with fellow travellers, Hieu now spends his days escorting visitors around some of the region's most captivating sights.

Among his favourite places in Hanoi is the iconic Long Bien Bridge, which, for Hieu, serves as a poignant symbol of Vietnam's tumultuous past. He also highly recommends a visit to the Museum of Ethnology, where visitors can gain a unique and refreshing insight into the country's rich cultural heritage through an array of fascinating exhibitions and displays.

When he's not exploring the streets of Hanoi, Hieu can be found leading tours to other captivating locations, such as the stunning Tam Coc river in Ninh Binh or the picturesque rice paddies of Mai Chau. Hieu currently resides in Hanoi with his wife and two children.

Who: Maya
Years guiding: 15
Destination(s): Sapa

Maya, a native of Sin Chai in Sapa, has been guiding tourists since 2008. What sets her apart from other guides is her remarkable self-taught proficiency in English, which she learned through her interactions with visitors.

Maya is particularly enthusiastic about leading treks along her favourite routes in Sapa and providing a glimpse into the daily lives of the fascinating local tribes. Her goal is to immerse tourists in the vibrant culture and traditions of her hometown and its people, giving them a truly authentic experience.

Who: Tung Hoang
Years guiding: 20
Destination(s): Hue, Hoi An, Quang Binh & Central Highlands

Tung's passion for history has made him an expert guide on Hue and Hoi An, two cities renowned for their rich cultural heritage. Beyond these cities, he has also devoted extensive time to researching the ancient Kingdom of Champa, a powerful Indianized culture that once thrived in South-Central Vietnam for almost a millennium.

With a wealth of knowledge on Champa's cultures, religions, political structures, and architecture, Tung offers a unique perspective on this often-overlooked aspect of Vietnam's past. He also leads tours of Vietnam's battlefields and caves, providing guests with a fascinating glimpse into the country's history.

But Tung's expertise extends beyond the past. He is also well-versed in Vietnam's current social and welfare landscape, an area of particular interest to him. His goal is to give guests an insight into both the country's past and present, making him a valuable asset to anyone looking to understand Vietnam's complex and fascinating history.

Who: Duong Huynh
Years guiding: 8

Destination(s): Hue, Hoi An

Duong, a native of Hue, has been working as a tour guide since 2015, following a decade-long stint in the hotel industry. Her upbringing in a culturally rich and scenically stunning environment has instilled in her a deep sense of pride for her hometown and Vietnam as a whole.

Duong's favorite attraction is Hue Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the residence of Vietnam's last royal dynasty for 143 years. She is also passionate about sharing stories of the country's final reigning emperor, who remains one of the most captivating figures in Vietnamese history.

In addition to Hue, Duong is enthusiastic about showcasing Hoi An's ancient houses and off-the-beaten-path treasures that often escape the attention of guidebooks.

Who: Tam Nguyen
Years guiding: 18
Destination(s): Ho Chi Minh City & Mekong Delta

Tam's connection to Saigon runs deep, with her family having lived in the city for five generations. Growing up in this vibrant urban center, Tam developed a keen appreciation for its rich culture and energy. From the smells of street food to the sounds of bustling markets, she was captivated by all aspects of Saigon life.

It was during her childhood that Tam first realized her desire to become a tour guide, a goal she has been working towards ever since.To Tam, Saigon is not just a place to live but a city to be experienced with all the senses. Local films like Song Lang and Ba Mua (Three Seasons) perfectly capture the essence of this bustling metropolis, showcasing its vibrant streets and dynamic energy.

As a food lover, Tam believes that the best way to understand a place is through its local flavors. On our Saigon street food tour, she will guide you to her favourite spots to try authentic dishes like Com Tam (broken rice), Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancake), and Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee).

Tam is equally passionate about the Mekong Delta and insists that a homestay experience is a must for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the local way of life.

During her free time, Tam likes to explore local art exhibitions and socialize with friends. With her contagious passion for the city and extensive knowledge of the region, she is an exceptional guide for those who want to delve into the distinctive culture and tastes of Saigon and Southern Vietnam.


Who: Kim Sophat
Years guiding: 11
Destination(s): Siem Reap, Battambang, Phnom Penh

Kim, a tour guide with 11 years of experience, is passionate about sharing her love for Cambodia with visitors from around the world. Originally from the countryside, she moved to Siem Reap in 2004 and fell in love with the job of introducing people to her beautiful country, its traditions, and its culture.

She takes pride in serving her clients from the bottom of her heart and loves to share her knowledge of ancient temples, which Cambodia is famous for.

Kim's favorite city in Cambodia is Battambang, which she describes as having a unique and interesting story to tell. From ancient temples to Thai and French colonialism, as well as beautiful rice fields and mountain scenery, the city offers visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of the region.

Who: Loun Ty
Years guiding: 18

Destination(s): Cambodia

Loun Ty has had an interesting career journey.

He started out as a motorbike taxi driver from 2000 to 2004, and then transitioned to become a tour guide after completing his training in 2005. Since then, he's been a fully licensed tour guide and has worked with different tour operators, gaining valuable experience guiding tourists of mixed nationalities.

Loun Ty's favorite destination is  Siem Reap. And it's not just because it's his hometown. He truly believes that the place has everything that tourists would want to see, from ancient temples and ecosites to waterfalls, mountains, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and friendly locals.

In his free time, Loun Ty likes to read English books, cycle, play volleyball, and grow his own fruits and vegetables at home. He's looking forward to welcoming visitors to Cambodia and showing them all the beauty his country has to offer

Who: Kha Sovannareth
Years guiding: 16

Destination(s): Cambodia

Kha Sovannareth, also known as Mooni, has a life story that reflects Cambodia's turbulent history. Born in 1980, he grew up as one of nine siblings. However, in 1986, his family was forced to flee to the Thailand border and live in a refugee camp to escape the Khmer Rouge. It was not until 1992 when the Paris peace treaty was signed that Kha and his family could repatriate back to Cambodia.

Mooni graduated from high school in 1998 and started his career path as a part-time employee with the non-governmental organization Medicine San Frontier. Later, he worked at a local hotel as a waiter and receptionist.

He then worked with several organizations, including KHANA (Khmer HIV Aid NGO Alliance), MHC (Men Health Cambodia), and CARE, as a data collector on various projects related to electrification, clean water, and malaria.

In 2000, Mooni moved to Siem Reap, where he started working as a moto taxi driver and tuk-tuk driver while simultaneously learning about Cambodia's history, ancient temples, and culture. He eventually trained as a tourist guide and obtained his official license in 2007. Mooni loves his job as a tour guide because he enjoys showcasing his country's beauty to the world.


Who: Annong
Years guiding: 11
Destination(s): Laos

Meet Annong, a passionate tour guide hailing from Luang Prabang, Laos. Since 2012, Annong has been living his dream of sharing his country's wonders with visitors. He takes immense pride in being an ambassador for Laos, showcasing its breathtaking beauty, intriguing history, rich traditions, and delectable cuisine.

Annong's deep connection to Luang Prabang goes beyond it being his hometown; he believes it is an exceptional place, radiating charm, tranquility, and something truly extraordinary. Adventure also runs deep in Annong's veins. He thrives on the thrill of cycling along scenic paths, hiking through awe-inspiring landscapes, and immersing himself in the vibrant local communities. He's constantly seeking new ways to uncover the hidden gems of Laos, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and discovering unique experiences.

Annong's genuine excitement is palpable as he eagerly looks forward to the chance to welcome you to the Kingdom of Lan Xang.

Who: Khankeo Indavong
Years guiding: 18
Destination(s): Laos

Khankeo's journey began at a young age when he entered the monkhood at Wat Visounrat. He dedicated his time to studying at the Monk's Secondary and High School, immersing himself in the teachings and traditions.

Alongside his studies, Khankeo pursued a 3-year Diploma degree at the Teacher Training College in Luang Prabang, working tirelessly to support his education.During this time, Khankeo's passion for conservation led him to volunteer at the Elephant Conservation Center. It was here that he discovered his love for guiding and adventure. He became a part-time tour guide, specializing in trekking, biking, rock climbing, rafting, and kayaking. Through these activities, he not only showcased the natural wonders of Laos but also developed a deep appreciation for its cultural heritage.

Driven by his desire to share the beauty and richness of Laos, Khankeo made the leap to becoming a full-time tour guide. He takes great pride in being a cultural ambassador, introducing visitors from all corners of the world to the wonders of his homeland. For Khankeo, the opportunity to meet new people and exchange stories is a truly rewarding experience. He goes above and beyond to ensure that every traveler leaves with unforgettable memories and meaningful experiences.

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