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The Myst Dong Khoi

The Myst Dong Khoi

Where: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

What is special about it: One of the best boutique hotels in Saigon!

The Myst Dong Khoi is perfect if you are into small, local boutique hotels. We particularly like its stunning architecture which fuses traditional Vietnamese heritage with contemporary design.

Which itinerary features this hotel: Almost all of our Vietnam tours feature Ho Chi Minh City or you can email for a customized itinerary!

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Without a doubt the Reverie is the most glamorous hotel in Ho Chi Minh city! Think acres of glistening Italian marble and gilt, rooms replete with gold flourishes and floor to ceiling windows.It is also the highest hotel in Ho Chi Minh city with beautiful panoramic views overlooking the central business district and the winding Saigon River.

Park Hyatt Saigon is located right at the historic heart of the city with style that reflects the old-world charms of colonial Saigon is another our favourites!

If you fancy something less extravagant yet still luxurious and central Fusion Suites Saigon is a great choice.  

Fancy somewhere more tranquil and away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Consider to stay at Mia Saigon Luxury Boutique, located on the banks of Saigon river and is just minutes from Ho Chi Minh's dynamic downtown.

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